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Frequently Asked Questions

What is target price?
In short, these are estimated values for a stock price in one year ahead based on predictions or technical analysis. Many financial institutions publish such prices and quite often they differ from each other. Usually, the mean value from all target prices is taken. It is often called the consensus price. Here we get the target price as published by Yahoo Finance. It might differ from other sources.

How is the data obtained?
Data is obtained on daily basis after US markets close. It gets the list of companies and the current and target values from different sources in internet. However, most of them do not provide this officially as a service or do not offer stable APIs. There is no guarantee that this data will be still available in future.

Is the data up-to-date?
We do our best to obtain the latest values from our main or backup sources. Sometimes it might not happen for all stocks or for particular ones. The date when the data is obtained is published for each stock individually. Keep in mind that the target price as maintained in the external sources might be outdated, or simply not revised by experts recently.

Why aren't current prices updated real-time?
It is not necessary. It is not a matter of seconds to react and buy/sell a stock. Target prices are long-term direction and are not changed that often. This site just indicates for a possible opportunity for a stock to go up or down, but a thorough follow-up research is needed anyway.

What can I use this site for?
It helps to find under- or over-valued stocks. Such data is not available anywhere else in such a comprehensive format. However, target prices should not be the only decision factor for buying a share. Besides, before taking any further action, one should dig deeper into company's details - especially to double check whether the target price, as posted, is still relevant. Also, keep in mind that usually target prices are a bit more optimistic than the reality. It is recommended to invest some time in understanding how they work and what they can be used for. Here we publish the numbers only without any analysis or advices on top.

Why are there companies with thousands percentage increase estimate, or with -100%?
Those values are posted for the sake of completeness. Most probably there is something wrong there, but that's what we get from the external sources. It was decided not to filter them out because it is not an easy task to decide on the particular thresholds. A recommendation would be to look at the range -30% to +30%, but still this is an individual choice. One might find a real monster among all those numbers :)

How can I request more data or features?
By sending a mail to the team.

Is it really free? Awesome!
Yes. However it takes time to develop and support the site. Donations are more than welcome.